2024 Deanwood Day
2024 DEANWOOD DAY: R.E.P. DEANWOOD SATURDAY AUGUST 3, 2024 - 9AM-1PM @ the Deanwood Community Center (NE DC) Recreation | Education | Politics #EveryDayIsDeanwoodDay We graciously invite residents and their neighbors to celebrate DEANWOOD and all of its history. Learn about the various Youth/Adult Sports and Non-Traditional Recreational Activities available to Ward 7 Residents. Connect with Coaches and Program Administrators who offer a variety of activities from Rugby to Wrestling to Water Polo to Fitness. REGISTER‼️ Unlock the Educational Resources available to students. Meet Educators, Administrators, Tutors and After-School Program Directors who can help our Children realize Greater Success in the Pre-K, Elementary, Middle, and High School Classroom. Learn about the opportunities for the 16 to 24 year old youth who wish to finish HS and/or pursue careers in a particular Trade i.e. Construction, Real Estate, Culinary Arts, etc. ENROLL‼️ Engage with “some”’of Ward 7’s Elected Officials. Hear from them, ask questions, and learn more about affecting change through Voting, attending Neighborhood Commission Meetings, Testifying at Hearings and Joining the Community Civic Association. Register to VOTE‼️ + Vendors, Live Music, Food, Games, & More‼️ 100% of the 2024 Deanwood Day Proceeds will be directed to Youth Sports Programs based in Deanwood NE Washington, DC. All Contributions are Tax Deductible. Admission is FREE‼️
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